Sustainability first

Change Horizon and Air Cargo Plus are committed to make its ACE events more sustainable

Change Horizon and Air Cargo Plus are committed to make its ACE events more sustainable, meaning acting towards preserving our natural environment; promoting a healthy, inclusive society; and supporting a thriving economy.

Collaborative efforts

Change Horizon and Air Cargo Plus encourage all their partners to commit to sustainability, and share responsibility for implementing and communicating sustainable practices:

  • Event management companies
  • Hotels and conference venues
  • Catering suppliers
  • Local transport companies
  • Exhibitors
  • etc.

If appropriate, a “green exhibitor award” may be introduced to reward exhibitors with for their green efforts.

Sustainability charter

A sustainability charter will be defined and will be included in any future contract with event partners to drive sustainability actions and improvements.

Specifically, and each time it is possible, ACE events should consider the following sustainable practices:

Carbon emissions reduction and management

  • Team up with a local offset company, and promote them at the event to encourage delegates to offset their carbon footprint

Conservation of resources, including water, energy and natural resources

  • Reducing energy used and or using sustainable alternative energy during the event (lights, electricity, air con…)
  • Switching to recycled paper for all printing documents
  • Encourage exhibitors to select reusable give-aways or give-aways in recycled material
  • Encouraging the move to full digital material
  • Use fair-trade organic cotton conference bags

Diversity & inclusion improvements

  • Increase gender diversity on stage and in the room, with the support of the Women in Aviation & Logistics (WAL) association
  • Attract younger talents
  • Improve geographic diversity to be truly global

Waste reduction and management

  • Offer tap drinking water only (where feasible) and provide drinking bottles for your delegates to drink out of the bottle and refill them
  • Cater for appropriate amount of food
  • Avoiding or banning when possible single-use plastic (such as water bottles, plastic cups, plates, etc.): no disposable glassware, dishware, napkins, or if necessary compostable / biodegradable disposables if not avoidable
  • Move to reusable or recyclable material such as signage, name tags, etc. to minimize waste
  • Encourage your exhibitors to sort their waste

Local support, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

  • Select local and seasonal products, organic products, fair trade products
  • Encourage attendance of students through engagement and partnership with local universities
  • Select a local charity partner for each of ACE events to make a positive impact at every location ACE goes to