Pharma shipping is trendy, ‘but service and quality level just isn’t there’

4 weeks ago

Despite heavy marketing by some carriers and forwarders, standards in pharmaceutical logistics are not always as good as are billed, and should be further standardised, according to one pharma shipper.

Yulia Ceretaria, head of logistics for Early Health Group, should know: she was global pharma director for Volga-Dnepr Group and AirBridgeCargo before making the rare move to become a shipper.

“There is often zero understanding among some shippers about the airline industry,” she told The Loadstar on the sidelines of the ACE event in Abu Dhabi this week.

“Many don’t even have a logistics department.

“And it’s harder than I thought. I’ve had to wait for answers from forwarders or airlines on a booking for three days – that’s not acceptable.

“We’ve got to be able to evaluate the quality. Pharma is a very trendy product right now. But some companies are trying to do it too quickly, when the service and quality level just isn’t there. They need to get the foundation right first.”



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