Welcome to ACE 2023

the premier networking event for the aircargo
logistics and freight forwarding industry sectors.



ACE is an international air cargo logistics networking event that brings together freight forwarding industry experts, airline professionals, and air cargo logistics providers from around the world. The event aggregates the industry’s most influential minds to discuss the latest innovations in air cargo business models, strategies, and technologies. Additionally, ACE provides an unequalled global platform for thought leadership, networking, and industry recognition for those driving the air cargo industry’s development and success. ACE is the sophisticated next-gen way to connect with industry leaders and decision-makers who can help you grow your business.

Meet with more than 300 key decision-makers from the air cargo logistics and forwarding industries, all in one prominent location.

Delegates from around the world attend ACE to discuss the most critical topics in air cargo logistics, including product and service innovation, macro-economic influences, growth strategies, collaborative trading, digital transformation, and more. Invitees include private firms, associations, vendors, and technology firms, as well as owners, CEOs, partners, and executives from companies and organizations:


  • Freight forwarders
  • Airlines
  • GSSAs
  • Consolidators
  • Express couriers
  • Time-critical logistics providers
  • eCommerce operators
  • Handlers
  • Airports
  • Suppliers & solutions providers
  • Technology firms
  • Trade associations & Media

ACE has always been synonymous with exclusivity and top-class quality, gathering select industry leaders to do business in a safe and comfortable environment.

Both ACE2016 and ACE2018 were held in Shanghai, China, and its biannual presence, which was scheduled to move to Istanbul in 2020, was interrupted by COVID-19.

With some travel limitations still in place for Asia in 2022, ACE has now relocated to one of the most promising air cargo hubs, Abu Dhabi, in December 2023.

The key focus for the previous two editions was quality networking, exceptional social activities, and face-to-face scheduled meetings. This year, there will be a stronger emphasis on the conference agenda to complement the winning event formula.

The past two events gathered 200 attendees, representing freight forwarders, airlines, GSAs, logistics solution providers, and consolidators, just to name a few.

Abu Dhabi is one of the world’s premier air cargo transportation hubs and an ideal destination for an event like ACE. Home to Etihad Airlines and Abu Dhabi Airports, which are global leaders in the air cargo industry, AUH is future-focused and provides ample opportunities for our industry players of any size to take on new business opportunities and strengthen current business relationships.

ACE is ambitions to be a global event, and from now on, it will take place yearly, focusing on a different region each time. We chose to organize ACE 2023 in December due to the milder climate of the UAE and to make sure no other major air cargo events were taking place around the same time.

ACE 2023 is a by-invitation-only event that attracts air cargo professionals and key stakeholders from around the globe, for three days of meaningful dialogue and networking.

By limiting or “invitation-only” attendance, ACE is able to assure the highest quality of the attendees, conversations discussed and right business opportunities at the event. Pure numbers are not part of our success criteria.

Upon your request, the ACE team will send you an invitation and the ACE registration form, with options for standard attendance, exhibition, or sponsorship.

The ACE program is engineered to meet attendees’ needs, featuring a conference agenda with executive presentations and panel discussions, deep dives into specific air cargo topics, technology innovations, informational sessions on regulatory changes and industry trends that may affect businesses, accompanied by practical hands-on workshops to equip companies with knowledge and the next steps. Our goal is to provide the highest quality information, inspire and mobilize the companies to make them more resilient and successful and address the key issues that keep the executives of our industry awake at night.

ACE brings exclusive networking experiences, including a powerful one-to-one meeting scheduler and exceptional social activities, in a friendly but elegant atmosphere, offering many opportunities to build and strengthen long-lasting partnerships.

The primary focus of ACE is to create an environment where air cargo industry professionals can collaborate to share ideas, experiences, and challenges and promote business conduct that is mutually beneficial.

As this is a collaboration between Air Cargo Plus and Change Horizon, you can expect the event to certainly reflect the DNA and values of each partnering organization. We are convinced ACE 2023 will be a unique event not only for its value to participants but also as a forward-looking and modern event in terms of organization style and event program.

While the event agenda is being elaborated now, we suggest catching up for more details in early September.

ACE is sponsored by leading companies in the air cargo logistics industry, including major airlines, freight forwarders, and logistics providers. Sponsorships offer a great way to build brand recognition and promote products and services with industry leaders around the world.

There are five different sponsorship packages, and sponsorship designation will depend on the sponsorship option, or a combination of options chosen by companies.

  • DIAMOND: Starting at USD 25’000
  • PLATINUM: Starting at USD 14’990
  • GOLD: Starting at USD 9’990
  • SILVER: Starting at USD 4’990
  • BRONZE: Starting at USD 3’990

You can find the sponsorship brochure here.

The ACE team will be happy to further discuss all options and opportunities. You can request more details upon your initial request for invitation and registration.

  • Standard delegate pass $1290
  • VIP table for the 1:1 meeting identified with branded roll-up $1990

The detailed ACE pricing plan is available on the event website, along with specific packages tailored for standard delegates, sponsors, VIPs, and exhibiting partners.

ACE stands for Air Cargo Event, and to make it sharper and more memorable, we branded it ACE. We do not compete with large-participation exhibitions and conferences; therefore, we aim to build an event brand that represents the best quality and a smaller, well-chosen audience with relevant and useful content at the conference.