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  Please see below a few suggestions and tips on how to organize better your meetings for this year’s ACE event. 1. [ BOOK ] to simply book a meeting 2. To reschedule booked meeting and book new one, click [ RESCHEDULE] 3. To book meeting in unavailable time, click [ SET AVAILABLE ] and then  [ BOOK ]   IMPORTANT F2F TIPS Please arrange your important, priority and strategic meetings off line – out of the scheduler – after hours.Email personally the companies you want to see so you can set up a private and quality meeting after hours. There will be enough time through the 3 days and the expo to conduct private quality meetings at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and early evening after hours. Use the F2F scheduler to meet with new delegates, new countries and explore new opportunities instead of repeating meetings with delegates and companies that you know and work already and you can discuss ongoing and development issues during after hours in a more private and quiet environment. Complete your profile 100 % with a photo, company brief intro, and specialization. This will assist delegates to book meetings with you having understood your company’s services, and that will minimize possible time – consumed meetings due to misinformation. Please use the “unwanted“ and “unavailable “ function in order to organize your meetings smoothly.

Russian aviation experts join Neutral Air Partner 1st global meeting

July 23, 2016 by admin0

atlp“Russian Airfreight industry should not “stand apart” but it should join international structures and operate in the tendency of the present-day world,” thinks Miroslav Zolotarev, the Head of the Russian air cargo logistics alliance ACEX.

In this connection the International ATLP-ACEX forum with participation of top officials and experts from the Russian air cargo supply chain ,will be held in the United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi , on September 25 – 28, 2016 together with the 1st  international air cargo conference of Neutral Air Partner, the global network of leading and independent aviation specialists and air cargo architects .

Miroslav Zolotarev, the Chairman of ACEX Alliance, says: “Our cooperation with Neutral Air Partner will allow our partners to have access to the premier global network of aviation specialists, air cargo professionals and vendors to the trade . Through this partnership we aim to drive air cargo expertise, revive specialization  and buying power across the Russian and CIS  air cargo supply chain.”

The first event took place on May 31,  was attended by officials from the entire Russian air cargo industry, including representatives of airports and customs authorities,  Airlines , Forwarders & Aviation providers  ,Russian and international associations and mass-media.

Russia is a very important market for the aviation and air cargo industry, and the best way for us to explore this trade was no other than partnering with the leading alliance of local and independent Russian air cargo professionals such as ACEX. We are delighted to welcome ACEX as well the ATLP forum that will take place in Abu Dhabi on the 27th of September in conjunction with the Neutral Air Partner opening global meeting from the 25th to the 28th of September, “ says ChristosSpyrou, the founder and CEO of Neutral Air Partner.

Read more about the ALTP-ACEX forum on the web-site of ACEX.

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