Please see below few suggestions and tips on how to organize better your meetings for this year’s ACE event. F2F REGISTER AND SIGN IN:
  1. The ACE2018 F2F scheduler is available at
  2. In order to obtain access, delegates should have received first a personal email invitation from the system.
  3. Once the email is received please click register and enter your own password. The user name will always be delegate’s email address.
  4. Please check SPAM/JUNK folder as invitation email might get lost there.
  5. If you still cannot locate the email please go and with your email to reset your password
  6. If you still have a problem please email [email protected] and we will set a password for you.
  1. Once you sign in, please register your profile and share a brief intro of your company, upload your photo, and chose industry expertise
  2. Click participants and view delegates profile or you can search by country and specialization
  3. The system confirms all meeting requests so unless you cancel, your meeting is confirmed
  4. You have the options to choose unwanted countries and unwanted specializations that you do not wish to meet during the conference. This option is located under MY PROFILE
  5. For those who signed up and their itinerary is full of non – priority meetings, please cancel those meetings and place those countries and or specialization as unwanted
  6. Afterwards please proceed to book your priority meetings, and once you are done, you can edit again your profile and open these countries available to book with you for your remaining slots
  7. The option to place yourself unavailable on specific time slots is available now on MY SCHEDULE menu
  Please see below a few suggestions and tips on how to organize better your meetings for this year’s ACE event. 1. [ BOOK ] to simply book a meeting 2. To reschedule booked meeting and book new one, click [ RESCHEDULE] 3. To book meeting in unavailable time, click [ SET AVAILABLE ] and then  [ BOOK ]   IMPORTANT F2F TIPS Please arrange your important, priority and strategic meetings off line – out of the scheduler – after hours.Email personally the companies you want to see so you can set up a private and quality meeting after hours. There will be enough time through the 3 days and the expo to conduct private quality meetings at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and early evening after hours. Use the F2F scheduler to meet with new delegates, new countries and explore new opportunities instead of repeating meetings with delegates and companies that you know and work already and you can discuss ongoing and development issues during after hours in a more private and quiet environment. Complete your profile 100 % with a photo, company brief intro, and specialization. This will assist delegates to book meetings with you having understood your company’s services, and that will minimize possible time – consumed meetings due to misinformation. Please use the “unwanted“ and “unavailable “ function in order to organize your meetings smoothly.

Safari Tour

October 18, 2015 by admin

The Empty Quarter, the largest sand desert in the world, is counted amongst them. It can be difficult to appreciate the vast scale of the place, which is the combined size of France, Belgium and Holland, yet is virtually uninhabited, apart from a handful of nomads. Its stillness is almost eerie, whilst at night the absence of light allows you to see the sky glitter with stars. Our drive to the incredible Liwa Oasis will take approximately four hours.

On the way, enjoy the magnificent and absolutely awe-inspiring golden dunes of the world-famous and legendary ‘Rub Al Khali’, widely known as the “Empty Quarter”. Around Liwa you can see the highest and most majestic dunes in the United Arab Emirates, this exhilarating dune drive will leave a long-lasting impression. Enjoy lunch in a local guest house before leaving the peace of the desert and returning to the lights of Abu Dhabi city.